My Recipe Magic - Word Press Plugin for Chefs

Let Us Do The Work For You

Now you can automatically add your recipes to MyRecipeMagic with the new Word Press plugin. No more copying and pasting, opening two windows to make sure you get it right, finding time to get all the recipes loaded when you load your new posts. We do it all for you!! JUST ONE CLICK and your recipes are added auto"magically" to MyRecipeMagic with all your ingredients. The magic button is also added to make it easier for your followers.

More Traffic - Less Effort

The plugin is designed to add traffic to your site by giving your recipes more exposure to recipe lovers everywhere. It leaves the directions off of the recipe and requires visitors to go to your site to get the full recipe. With millions of viewers each month, you will start to see an increase in your traffic as you add more recipes to MyRecipeMagic.

Plugin Requirements

  • Must be an active MyRecipeMagic Chef.
  • Must use a recipe formatting plugin - for now Meal Planner Pro or Easy Recipe.
  • Must click ONE box for every recipe when you post it.
  • Must be willing to accept more traffic to your site.
  • How To Load The Plugin

  • Download the plugin file below.
  • From the Word Press admin dashboard on your site, select the plugin menu.
  • Select "Add New" and Then click the “Upload Plugin” button and “choose” the ‘’ file.
  • Click on the install now button and when the plugin installs successfully, click on “Activate Plugin”.
  • In your Dashboard menu, you should now have a new menu item called “MRM Settings”. You will need to click on those settings and enter your MRM user name and select where you would like the MRM magic button to show up on your post. Then click “Save Changes”.
  • Download Plugin

    word press plugin