Busy Day Soup

  • Busy Day Soup

I got this recipe from my neighbor Jo several years ago. I was so happy to have it because it is truly one of those recipes that you can make on a busy day! I love how it takes canned soup and turns it into a delicious meal. When my kids were young and schedules were crazy, this was a dish my kids remember me making often. Today I came home from work and when I thought about what to make for dinner, Busy Day Soup came to mind because I knew I could whip it up fast. Add some cornbread muffins

Busy Day Soup

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2    Can (12 oz)    bean with bacon soup
2    Can (12 oz)    vegetable soup
1    Can (15 oz)    tomato sauce
2    Can (15 oz)    water
1    pound    ground beef, 95% lean meat ( browned with chopped onion )
1    onion ( chopped )
1 1/2    teaspoons    chili powder


Put into a crock pot or pan and heat up!
Add a little sour cream on top if you like.



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