Caprese Crescents with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

  • Caprese Crescents with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

I went to the Farmer's Market this week and picked up fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. When I got home I was thinking of everything I could make with those ingredients! I came up these Caprese Crescents and they tasted DELICIOUS! Don't forget to dip them in the Balsamic Vinaigrette Dipping Sauce- It really just made all the flavors pop!

Caprese Crescents with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

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1 tomato ( large, sliced then cut in half )
8 ounces crescent roll dough ( refrigerated )
8 mozzarella cheese, low fat ( slices )
8 basil ( leaves )



Canola oil 1    tablespoon    honey
Vinegar, balsamic 2    teaspoons    Dijon mustard

Mix the oil, honey, vinegar, and Dijon mustard all together. Then dip the warm crescents into the vinaigrette.
(Have leftover Dipping Sauce? Use is as a dressing for your salad!)



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