Chicken Burrito Bowls Recipe

  • Chicken Burrito Bowls Recipe

The only way that I can eat all my vegetables is if they are stacked in a big yummy salad, thrown into a soup, or dunked in a creamy dip.
Thankfully this recipe falls into one of those calories and I can get all my daily servings of vegetables in one quick fix! And bonus- it tastes amazing! My kids liked it because they could choose what "colors" went on their plates and I liked it because it let them try lots of different vegetables. I added chicken, but this would be perfect for a me

Chicken Burrito Bowls Recipe

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2 cups chicken ( cooked and shredded )
2 cups white rice, cooked ( can also use brown rice or quinoa )
15 ounces black beans ( rinsed and drained )
15 ounces yellow corn ( drained )
2 roma tomatoes ( diced )
1 green peppers ( diced )
1 onion ( diced )
1 avocados ( diced )
4 cups romaine lettuce ( shredded )


Greek Yogurt Chipotle Dressing

6    ounces    plain greek yogurt
1    chipotle peppers
1    teaspoon    adobo sauce
2    clove(s)    garlic
Lime juice 1/4    teaspoon    ground cumin
1    tablespoon    taco seasoning
salt and pepper

Cut open the chipotle pepper and scrape out the seeds (be sure not to touch your eyes after handling the pepper- it will burn! I am speaking from experience! Ha ha). Place all the ingredients in a blender and and blend until fully combined and dressing is smooth.
Add more seasonings as desired.



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Adapted from The Garden Grazer


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