Chilaquiles Eggs Benedict

  • Chilaquiles Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict with slow cooked barbacoa and a green chili hollandaise served on a chilaquiles base.

Chilaquiles Eggs Benedict

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1 Can (14.5 oz) Canned Diced Tomatoes ( fire roasted with green chilies )
12 corn tortilla ( 6-inch )
1 cup mexican blend cheese ( four cheese )


For the Eggs Benedict:

4    eggs ( poached )
2    cups    ground beef, 95% lean meat ( beef barbacoa )
   to taste    ground black pepper
   to taste    fresh parsley ( chopped for garnish )

For the Green Chili Hollandaise:

2    egg yolks
Lemon juice 1/2    teaspoon    kosher salt
1    pinch    cayenne pepper
1/4    cups    butter ( melted warm )
1    cup    chili sauce ( green )



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