Enchilada Soup

  • Enchilada Soup

This is one of those great soups that's super yummy and easy to make and you can add all of your favorite toppings to make it just the way you want it. I love the flavor and the green enchilada sauce gives it a nice subtle, spicy kick. When I make this I usually halve it because I have a small family and it turns out perfectly. I use three chicken breasts and it turns out delicious and full of chicken which my husband loves!

Enchilada Soup

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6    chicken breast ( boiled and shredded )
3    clove(s)    garlic ( minced )
3    Can (15 oz)    tomato sauce
2    teaspoons    ground cumin
1    teaspoon    chicken bouillon
2    Can (20 oz)    enchilada sauce ( las palmas green enchilada )
1/2    cup    flour


Combine all ingredients except for flour in a large pot. Whisk flour in very slowly. Simmer for 35-40 minutes.

Can be served with the following toppings:
grated cheese
tortilla chips
chopped avocado
green onions
sour cream


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