Garbage Bag Snack Mix

  • Garbage  Bag Snack Mix

This recipe makes such a huge batch of snack mix that you literally have to mix it up in a garbage bag! It comes together pretty fast, because unlike traditional Chex Mix, it doesn't have to be baked. I like to make it around Christmas time because I can give it as gifts, as well as have some left to bring to holiday gatherings. The total cost to make this mix might give you sticker shock, but it makes such a large quantity that it ends up being a fairly economical Christmas treat...or a

Garbage Bag Snack Mix

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12 ounces rice chex ( 12.8 oz. box )
14 ounces corn chex ( box )
16 ounces ritz crackers ( sour cream & onion Rirz Aircrisps; 2 bags which are 8.1 oz each; broken into thirds )
6 ounces crackers with cheese ( goldfish crackers )
15 ounces salted pretzels ( bag twist pretzels )
16 ounces dry-roasted peanuts ( jar )
7 ounces corn chips ( plain bugles; 1 bag 7.5 oz )
7 ounces corn chips ( nacho cheese bugles; 1 bag 7.5 oz )
26 ounces mixed nuts, dry roasted ( 3 jars 8.75 oz each )
1 Can (16 oz) butter oil ( butter flavored popcorn oil )


Place all dry ingredients in a large trash bag. Nope, not a 13 gallon white kitchen bag. I'm talking about a huge black trashbag. Trust me, you'll need it. Mix the ingredients by tossing the bag gently. You don't need to reach in there and actually touch the ingredients, just put your hands on the outside of the bag and push the ingredients around. Lay the bag on the floor and try to spread out the ingredients in a somewhat-single layer. Reach your hand in the bag and drizzle half the popcorn oil over the dry ingredients. Toss/mix again. Repeat drizzling the remaining half of the oil over a single layer of dry ingredients. Toss/mix again. Transfer into gallon bags or ice cream buckets. Yield: approximately 5.25 gallons.

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