Homemade Chicken bullion cubes

  • Homemade Chicken bullion cubes

I make a lot of food that calls for chicken bullion or chicken broth. I use to buy the powdered kind from the store but in my quest to become more self sufficient, save money, and make healthier foods I now make my own. It's a very simple process. I make a large batch because I use the shredded chicken in other recipes and like the convenience of having the shredded chicken on hand. Feel free to reduce it to meet your family's needs

Homemade Chicken bullion cubes

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4 whole chicken
5 carrots ( large cut in half )
2 onions ( cut in half )
1 head garlic ( cut in half )
1 head celery ( cut in half )
3 bay leaves
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon parsley
1 1/3 tablespoon oregano
2 tablespoon salt



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  1. Posted by Patricia Taylor at

    Next time chickens are on sale, I will have to try this. It is a great idea, the broth and then having all that cooked chicken on hand for quick meals.

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