Meza: Balkan appetizer plater

  • Meza: Balkan appetizer plater

An easy way to put together an appetizer platter Balkan style. Also known as meza in the area, this type of snack platter is typical to what you may encounter on your visit to someone’s home.

Meza: Balkan appetizer plater

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3 eggs ( 3-4, hard boiled, quartered )
4 ounces sausage ( mild beef sausage, cut into thin rounds )
3 ounces black olives
3 ounces green olives
4 ounces prosciutto ( or suho meso, cut into thin rounds )
2 ounces cherry tomatoes ( 2-3oz halved )
4 ounces cottage cheese ( or clotted cheese kajmak )
4 ounces feta cheese ( travniki sir )
to taste sliced bread ( homemade, crackers or mini breads )
4 ounces salsa ( or red pepper spread )
4 ounces red peppers ( pindjur or tomato spread )



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