Mock Bacon Western Cheese Burger

  • Mock Bacon Western Cheese Burger

We have not been eating fast foods or processed food for awhile now, So when that urge for a fat juicy burger hits I need a way to meet that craving in a homemade healthier way. So I did my best to recreate my husbands favorite fast food burger.

Mock Bacon Western Cheese Burger

Also seen on Doing It Country In The City


2 breaded onion rings
1/4 pound ground beef, patties
3 ounces bacon ( try and buy nitrate free bacon or use local farm raised bacon (slice of bacon) )
1 ounce white american cheese ( (slice American cheese) )
1 hamburger buns ( (sesame seed hamburger bun) )
to taste barbeque sauce


Adapted from Carl's Jr. Bacon western cheese burger


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  1. Posted by Lori Hart at

    Now I'm starving! This looks great.

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