Mom's SECRET Recipe: Grilled 7-UP Chicken

  • Mom's SECRET Recipe: Grilled 7-UP Chicken

Okay, so maybe it isn't TOP SECRET, but that makes it sounds exciting, right?
This is hands-down my favorite marinade of all time. My mom has been making it for as long as I can remember and everyone always asks for the recipe when she does. The chicken has amazing flavor and it INCREDIBLY moist. It tastes awesome with pork too!
The first time I made this was shortly after I was married. I still remember my husband taking a bite and exclaiming, "This is so good! I am so glad that I married you!"

Mom's SECRET Recipe: Grilled 7-UP Chicken

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6    chicken breast
1/2    cup    soy sauce
1/2    teaspoon    horseradish ( it tastes okay without this, but I highly recommend using it! Adds the perfect amount of zip!! )
12    ounces    lemon-lime soda ( not diet )
1/4    cup    vegetable oil




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